How to Successfully Run a Laser Hair Removal Spa

  • Outline the procedures that you will be specializing in: You should have your area of specialization which will be the key focus points when marketing your spa. This should be decided upon after considering what service the people in the locality where the business is located prefer.

If you get a clientele that will be interested in the area you are specializing in, you can then use them as a bridge to introduce a new line of specialty and by doing this, and your spa will keep growing.

  • Know what your competitors are thriving in and package it in a better way: Laser hair removal will keep flourishing as long as there are people living in the universe. Make having laser hair removal interesting and fun such that people will love coming to your spa, not just for a laser hair removal, but to have a relaxing experience.
  • Invest in second-hand laser machines that are in great shape: instead of spending a fortune in buying equipment for use in your spa, you can choose to buy second-hand machines that will not cost much but will still serve the purpose.

A new model of a laser machine will work the same as the old model except for a few changes that have been made to the machine. You will, therefore offer great services without anyone knowing that your laser equipment is not as new as what your competitors have and still stand out.

  • Look for what is trending online: Do not just depend on what the local market has to offer. Think beyond your local boundaries and seek to know ways that you can compete with the other multinational laser hair removal spas. You never know which diplomat is looking for recommendations online and he could be your next customer.
  • Believe in yourself: A customer who walks into your spa will want to see a confident person who will answer any query with confidence and one who will carry out the laser hair removal professionally.

If you have a team that works with you in the spa, instill the same values that you have embraced so that even when a customer comes in and you are not there to receive him, your employees will give him the same treatment that you would have given.

  • Maintain a high standard of hygiene in your spa: When a client comes to your spa, he should be impressed by the condition of the spa. A customer should be made to feel that he is the most important person for as long as he is in the spa and in this state, he will pay any price for the services received.

There is no way you will ask a client to pay an exorbitant fee if the equipment at the spa is in the worst shape and the services are wanting.

Let the standard of your spa dictate the quality of the services offered and you will reap the benefits of better pay. You will have the client giving huge tips for the ‘wow’ factor in the services at your laser hair removal spa.

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Tips When Carrying Out a Pediatric Massage

Just like adults get tired and suffer from muscle tension, children too get tired and will need help in relaxing their muscles and lift their mood. It is important to note that only children who are above one month old should be massaged.  Below are important tips that should act as a guide when carrying out a pediatric massage:

  • The baby should not have any clothes on when carrying out the massage
  • Ensure that the room is well heated
  • The oil should be heated before applying it to the child’s body
  • If possible, the oils used should be natural and not those that contain minerals
  • You should carry out the massage when you are seated on a stable surface where you will be able to stretch your legs and have your back straight.
  • A towel should be placed on your laps where the baby will lie on.
  • Ensure that the room where the massage is taking place is quiet and free from any stimulant
  • When carrying out the massage, ensure that one of your hands is always on the baby’s skin as a way of ensuring that the massage is ongoing.
  • In the initial stages of the massage, you should apply a little pressure and the pace should be very slow. This can be gradually increased putting in mind that you are massaging a child and not a grown person.

When massaging the chest, place a little oil on the palms of your hands and place them on the child’s chest. You will then move the hands in opposite directions on either side of the ribs and bring them back to the chest again.

You will then move the hands slightly up so that each hand will move to massage the area between the shoulders.

For the baby’s arms, you will hold the shoulders and move them in slight rotations. Work on both arms starting from the shoulders to the fingertips until you cover the entire hand. You will then take the fingers and bend them one at a time until you cover all the ten fingers.

When massaging the stomach, you will start from the upper part of the belly moving downwards and then back to the top again.

For the legs, you will massage them in the same way you massaged the arms; the baby should lie in such a way that you can easily reach the buttocks.

When massaging the baby’s back, you will place your hand on the shoulders and move them toward the bottom and then back to the top again. Ensure that you are working on the baby with your arms and the pressure exerted should be little but can be increased as you progress with the massage. You will move your hands downwards until you reach the child’s heels and move back again.

For the baby’s face, you will start with his forehead where you will use the tips of your fingers to carry out the massage. Start with the middle section moving towards the sides and then to the upper side of the eyebrows. Continue with this move until you cover the entire face.

As a climax to the massage, you can give the baby a warm bath so that they will be relaxed enough to go to bed.


Signs of Poor Eyelash Extension Application

Eyelash extensions are applied to make you more beautiful and to ensure that you stand out; this, however, may not be the case if any of the following happens after an eyelash extension application:

  • If you suffer discomfort any time to make an attempt to brush the lashes: this is a sign that the esthetician used excess glue when applying the lashes, making then stick together. Well applied lash extensions should be easy to brush.
  • If the lash extensions are poking and irritating your eyes: If lashes are not well applied, they will twist and end up poking the eyes. Well applied lashes should remain firm and should not lead to any discomfort at any time.
  • If the lash extensions at the inner eye corners are too long; this will make them look unnatural and it will make it obvious to everyone that the lashes are fake. Good lashes should look as natural as possible.
  • If there is no variation of the eyelash extension length across the eye: A professional lash extension should be able to combine at least three lengths of lash extensions so that they look more natural. They should complement the shape of your eyes and not look out of place.
  • If you experience a burning sensation in your eyes during and after the lash extension application; though you may experience slight watering in the eyes, there should not be a burning sensation especially after the application process is over.
  • When the lash extensions did not last more than one week; well applied lash extensions should be able to last at least three weeks without looking flared and worn out. If they start falling off almost immediately after application, it is a sign that a shoddy job was done.
  • When the esthetician advised you to use lash flares instead of high-quality lash extensions; this will get you the most horrible look as the lashes will be spider-like instead of the pretty look. These lashes are also likely to lead to eye infections and destruction of the lateral lashes.

For lashes to look good, they must be applied by a professional esthetician. Do not go to a cheap spa to have the lashes applied in an effort to spend less. In the long run, the cheap application will cost you more as they will fall off easily and you will look worse than you looked before the lash extensions were applied. You may also end up spending more on medical expenses to treat infections that may result from the glue used in the lash extension application.

You should also follow the aesthetician’s instructions after the lash application if you wish to maintain the good look. If you wet the lashes immediately after application or you use oil based mascara, the lashes will fall off however well they were applied.

The sleeping pattern should also be observed the day after the lashes have been applied. Give the glue time to dry up before you can get back to your favorite sleeping position and you will enjoy the new look for longer.